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  1. WatchMojo.com has put together an interesting list of Top 10 Female Singers and some honorable mention ladies, some of whom probably should be among the Top 10. The problem is: Who do you take off the Top 10 list to make room for the others? Anyway, we’ve included WatchMojo’s Top 10 Female Singers video in McStreamy’s Video Playground. You be the judge.

  2. Gwen Stefani and No Doubt have struck a nerve with their songs for decades to the adoration of millions of music lovers. We found a video recording of a live performance in Fresno, California a few years ago. It took place in 2009. The audience loved “Don’t Speak” so much that they couldn’t resist singing along to Stefani. She seemed to enjoy it, too. See the video in McStreamy’s Video Playground.

  3. Jesse Ventura does a video show called “Off The Grid” on Ora.tv. He talks about various, sometimes controversial, subjects and interviews authors, politicians and newsmakers. We’ve included a sampling of his work in McStreamy’s Video Playground at McStreamy.com. He talks with author, Dr. Judy Wood, about her book, in which she takes a look at the dustification of the buildings back on 9/11. She makes some interesting observations. See it in McStreamy’s Video Playground.

  4. The 2015 Emmy Awards television broadcast played Eva Cassidy’s version of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” during the In Memoriam segment of the telecast. Her unique rendition was the perfect music for the presentation of the faces of notable performers and other industry greats who passed away during the past year. We have included that segment of the program in McStreamy’s Video Playground.

  5. Here we are into another Autumn on the calendar. We thought it was a perfect time to include an astonishingly outstanding, well done, live performance of a long time favorite, recorded by many greats. The difference this time, this version is by Eva Cassidy, recorded live in the Blues Alley jazz supper club in Georgetown, DC, on the 3rd January 1996. A short time later, Eva’s sweet, haunting, magical voice was silenced by Cancer. She was gone November 2, 1996 at the age of 33, but, her wonderful voice can be heard on at least ten albums. Her contributions to musical enjoyment live on. See and hear Eva Cassidy sing and accompany herself on guitar, recorded live, now in McStreamy’s Video Playground.

  6. We’ve added a live version of Haley Reinhart’s “Free”. Rheinhart was surprisingly voted off the American Idol tv competition after being one of the finest competitiors the show has seen. “Free” was the first song from her first album. The song hit the Billboard Adult Top 40 Chart at Number 26 in 2012, and her music has, since, often showed up on the internet, where the videos have been seen millions of times. We have this live version of “Free” in McStreamy’s Video Playground.

  7. Comedian Tim Hawkins is a funny guy with great material. We found some of his stand up routines on the internet and posted one of them about how old rock and rollers might change lyrics of their popular songs to correspond with their ages. McStreamy’s Video Playground. While you’re at it, enjoy some of his other work. Tim Hawkins is more than just a guy who sings funny sings. He also performs hilarious stories and observations about real situations.

  8. We’ve posted a rock version of The Star Spangled Banner in our Videos section. It’s by the band, Madison Rising, named after the street of their New Jersey recording studio and one of America’s founding fathers and the country’s fourth president, James Madison. The group’s second album, American Hero, is dedicated to the men and women of our armed forces, along with the police, firefighters and other first responders, who help the USA remain the land of the free and home of the brave. The band’s patriotic rock can be appreciated by anybody living in, or fighting for, the values and principles of the United States, no matter what their political tastes might be. The video is in McStreamy’s Video Playground.

  9. Newest entry in McStreamy’s Video Playground: Studio musician Carol Kaye talks about the big recordings that she played bass on over some of the great years of rock and roll hits and television theme songs. See it in McStreamy’s Video Playground at McStreamy.com.

  10. Every once in awhile, with no planned sequence of events, we add new videos to McStreamy’s Video Playground. Sometimes they take the place of another video, sometimes they just become part of the whole library we’ve been developing. The latest addition is a video that makes us happy to include. It’s “Happy” from Pharrell Williams. So, get Happy! McStreamy’s Video Playground.

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