(((( McSTREAMY NEWS)))) >>>>> (3/10/2021) THE UNITED STATES HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES PUT FINAL APPROVAL ON THE CURRENT $1.9 BILLION COVID RELIEF AID. THE MEASURE NOW GOES TO THE DESK OF PRESIDENT BIDEN FOR HIS SIGNATURE. IT AUTHORIZES $1400 TO SOME RECIPIENTS AND MORE TO FAMILIES. IT ALSO PROVIDES FOR MONEY ADDED TO UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS AND HELP FOR BUSINESSES AFFECTED BY THE PANDEMIC. >>>>>>>>>> (((McSTREAMY NEWS))) >>>>>>>>>> (3/9/2021) THE CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL AND PREVENTION ISSUED UPDATED GUIDANCE FOR IN-PERSON SOCIALIZING AFTER BEING FULLY VACCINATED AGAINST COVID-19. When you have received all shots required for the vaccine assigned to you, the CDC says you can gather indoors with other fully vaccinated people without wearing a mask. ((((Earlier McSTREAMY NEWS)))) THE UNITED STATES HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES IMPEACHED PRESIDENT TRUMP FOR ROLE IN JAN. 6TH RIOT IN CAPITOL BLDG. Read the story inside McStreamy.com. ALSO SEE LATEST UPDATED STORY: WILL GOP SENATORS DO THE RIGHT THING IN SENATE PHASE OF IMPEACHMENT? (((((((McSTREAMY NEWS)))))))) ————————– LOOKING FOR NOVEMBER 3, 2020 ELECTION RESULTS? Click or Tap HERE. ((((McStreamy News)))) REAL-TIME COVID-19 STATISTICS are LIVE on the following McStreamy.com News page. When you get to the COVID-19 STATISTICS PAGE, go down to the US link to open up current state by state figures, then select your state. The state listings are NOT alphabetical but instead are listed according to the numbers of confirmed positive cases in each state, from largest number to least. Click or Tap on the following link to get to the Stats Page on McStreamy.com: CURRENT COVID-19 STATISTICS. The statistics page will open in a new window tab. Look for it in our Menus and illustrative photo rotating on our front page. (((McSTREAMY NEWS))) THE UNITED STATES IS NOW the Number One country in terms of known infected WORLD-WIDE and has ONE-THIRD of the known cases testing positive in the entire world. See the current stats at “Real-Time COVID-19 Worldwide Statistics” on our McStreamy.com website. ((((McSTREAMY NEWS)))) STAY-AT-HOME TO SLOW THE SPREAD of the COVID-19 Virus. IF YOU ARE NOT YET VACCINATED: ANTI-COVID-19 MASKS ARE VIGOROUSLY RECOMMENDED UNLESS IN A GROUP OF PEOPLE ALSO FULLY VACCINATED. (((McSTREAMY NEWS))) IF YOU ARE NOT FULLY VACCINATED: If you go outside your home, Stay Away From Groups of 10 or More People. Stay At Least Six Feet Apart to lessen the chance of infection or spreading the virus to another human being. Shop online or by phone and Pick It Up at the Store, OR /Have It Delivered. If you do leave your home, wear a face mask to protect yourself and others. Wash Your Hands Often with Soap and Water, or Disinfectant. Clean all surfaces you normally touch to disinfect them, because the Virus has been known to live on surfaces for various periods of time once it lands there or is transferred in some way to that surface to wait for you to pick it up so it can get inside your body and raise havoc. (((McSTREAMY NEWS))) WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. (((McSTREAMY NEWS))) IF YOU ARE NOT FULLY VACCINATED AND SOCIALIZING WITH PEOPLE ALSO NOT FULLY VACCINATED, IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you wear a face mask or covering to protect yourself and those around you. It has been determined that the virus can be spread by inhaling the tiny virus floating around in the air that you breathe, which found the way there because someone else exhaled, coughed, or sneezed, who was not wearing a face mask. The COVID-19 virus is so potent that people can have the virus in their systems even if they don’t yet exhibit any symptoms, and can spread the virus to others simply through breathing when not wearing protection over their mouths and noses. (((McSTREAMY NEWS))) HELPFUL DETAILS about COVID-19 and You can be found by clicking or tapping on the image below this McStreamy.com News Ticker. The Coronavirus.gov page will open in a new window. ALSO, Consult the menus on McStreamy.com to find other Health information. ((McSTREAMY NEWS))) USE OUR McSTREAMY.com MENU to find many things to read, do, hear and see at McStreamy.com while you are Staying Apart, or Social Distancing, as some call it. See the menu above this news ticker to go to any of our many departments. This McSTREAMY NEWS TICKER is brought to you by McSTREAMY.COM. To find out more about McStreamy.com CLICK OR TAP HERE. The page will open in a New Window. THANKS FOR VISITING McSTREAMY.COM ————————- MORE INFO COMING >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Click or Tap to go to the United States government COVID-19 Tips website.

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