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  • Actor, Musician David Cassidy On Rock-Pop Stage Above (11/21/2017) – David Cassidy (photo-center), the person many young girls fell in love with as a heart throb on The Partridge Family television show in the 1970s, has passed on to the rock and roll and pop stage in the sky. Cassidy, 67, died “surrounded by those he loved” after a brief stay at […]

  • AMA: Diana Ross Officially Achieved A Lifetime Career (11/21/2017) – Diana Ross, the iconic singer who gained fame as lead singer of The Supremes in the sixties, followed by an ultra successful solo career for decades beyond, was one of the award winners at the 45th Annual American Music Awards on ABC-TV over the weekend. Ross (above) was a favorite of many […]

  • Sen. Franken Pledges To Continue Serving Honorably

    McSTREAMY.COM (11-19-2017) – Minnesota U.S. Senator Al Franken attempted to nip the allegations against him by Leeann Tweeden in the bud, as the Don Knotts character on The Andy Griffith Show has said many times on episodes of that show. Soon after Franken learned that Tweeden had been harboring feelings of displeasure over her memories […]

  • Al Franken Apologizes for Alleged Pre-Senate Behavior

    McSTREAMY.COM – Model, sports commentator, and radio personality, LeeAnn Tweeden (center) is one of the latest women to accuse men of inappropriate past behavior. She this week alleged that U.S. Senator Al Franken (D-Minnesota) “forcibly kissed” her during rehearsal for a 2006 USO skit (right-top insert) that she and then-comedian Franken participated in three years […]

  • DHS Nominee Grilled About DACA, Wall, Terrorists, and More

    McSTREAMY.COM (11/11/2017) – Kirstjen Nielsen, current White House Deputy Chief of Staff, appeared in front of the U.S. Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee hearing November 8, 2017. The hearing was to determine whether she would meet requirements of the committee to fill the position of Department of Homeland Security Secretary, to which she […]