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  • Dems Presidential Primary Season Has Begun In Earnest

    McStreamy.com – Who will end up being the 2020 Presidential Candidate to have an opportunity to unseat the Republican’s Donald J. Trump from his perch in the White House? There are currently twenty hopefuls in the Democrats’ Presidential Primary. The first debates among the candidates has been divided up into ten for each of two […]

  • Dog’s Faithful Companion, Beth Chapman, Has Passed On

    McSTREAMY.COM – Beth Chapman (pic-right), the wife of Duane “Dog” Chapman (pic-left), and co-star of “Dog, the Bounty Hunter” on television, has passed on after a bout of throat and lung cancer. She had been diagnosed with stage 2 throat cancer in September of 2017. Then, in 2018, doctors discovered the cancer had spread to […]

  • Retired Robert Mueller Says Written Report Speaks For Itself

    McStreamy.com – Special DOJ Counsel Robert Mueller [pic] said in a public statement today, May 29, 2019, that his 448 page report of the 2 year Mueller Report findings speaks for itself. He said in a televised statement that the office of Special Counsel is closing and he is now returning to private life. He […]

  • Al Franken Walks and Talks At Same Time with Kevin Nealon

    McStreamy.com – Comedian Kevin Nealon has a video podcast called “Hiking With Kevin”, during which several former Saturday Night Live alumni and other notables huff and puff along side him while holding spontaneous discussions about whatever comes to their minds. One such discussion was with comedy writer, comedian and former Minnesota United States Senator Al […]

  • Will Delightful “Whiskey Cavalier” Return for More Episodes?

    McStreamy.com – Will the cast of “Whiskey Cavalier” [pic] return to television screens again? The final new episode of the delightful ABC-TV series was scheduled to air Wednesday, May 22, 2019. The program was destined to be one of the casualties of multiple cancellations made every year to make way for replacements that networks hope […]