Katy Perry Shined But Patriots Were The Real Winners

McSTREAMY.COM (02/01/2015) – Katy Perry shined during her halftime performance. However, the New England Patriots were the real winners, taking the 2015 Super Bowl title in the last minutes of the game. That outcome followed an unexpected Patriots interception at the goal line, late in the game, Sunday, February 1, 2015, changing the direction of the energy.

Patriots QB Tom Brady (left) and Seahawks QB Russell Wilson and their teams were Super Bowl level competitors and the game showed it.

Patriots QB Tom Brady (left) and Seahawks QB Russell Wilson and their teams were Super Bowl level competitors and the game showed it.

The rally by the Patriots during the final minutes, when it looked as though the Seahawks had the game wrapped up, found them taking an unquestionable lead. The time ticking on the clock showed that it was unlikely, if not impossible for the Seahawks to reverse.

Tempers flared nearing the end, probably due to the tenseness of the situation, and a brawl of sorts broke out on the field. The Seahawks’ Bruce Irvin was ejected from the game for instigating the fight.

All in all, it was a great night for Super Bowl traditions. Both the Seahawks and Patriots were outstanding during the game, the officiating was, on the whole, very fair, and the audience of outstanding fans at the game were pleased with the battle. The only problem? Only one team can win the Super Bowl. That means one team must lose.

Idina Menzel

Idina Menzel

There were many highlights during the fierce football get together. One that cinched the win for QB Tom Brady and the Patriots, was Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson passing from the 1-yard line rather than feeding Lynch, as many fans predicted. Unfortunately, that decision ended up being faulty.

Who would have known that rookie Patriot Malcolm Butler would beat the Seahawks’ Lockette to the ball. That lunge forward to pick the ball away from the waiting arms of Lockette prevented a Seahawks touchdown. That act changed the outcome of the historic event and ensured the rookie a place in the highlight reel.

John Legend

John Legend

The Seahawks put up a good fight, and had a chance to be the victorious team, but, it wasn’t to be. It was the Patriot’s turn to win. Final score: Patriots 28, Seahawks 24.

Between the first and second halves of the game, there is traditionally something called halftime. Katy Perry (shown above) was definitely the halftime winner, giving the fans a very well executed round of some of her best songs.

Katy Perry’s song list included “Roar”, “Firework”, and she even sang her first big hit, “I Kissed A Girl”, with a twist. This time her singing partner was Lenny Kravitz, giving a whole new meaning to the song.

Idina Menzel started everything off by singing the National Anthem of the United States of America, perhaps, better than we have ever heard it sung at a national sports event. The crowd seemed to understand that and responded often during the performance. Then, John Legend gave his usually great rendition of “America The Beautiful” just before kickoff.

Turning to the multi-million dollar, Super Bowl commercials, usually designed to be more memorable than the last one seen in the broadcast. Many of them succeeded, but some did not.

Sometimes advertising agencies and production companies, writers, directors, and so on, who make the mini-movies, get so cute that they forget to actually let you know who’s paying for their creativity. Good advertising should never leave you guessing about what’s being advertised and where you can get it.

Don’t the corporation executives whose companies pay the big bucks, review the commercials before they get on the air? They’re paying big money to have commercials made and aired during the Super Bowl. They should all get their money’s worth. Entertaining commercials are one thing, but, if you have to scratch your head, trying to figure out what they were selling, it’s not a good spot, and, not worth the dough.

Even though, most of the commercials were both entertaining, informative, and sold the product, and Katy Perry shined during the halftime show, and Idina Menzel’s Star Spangled Banner rendition was, in itself, Super, and the Seahawks, for the most part,  played a Super game, the Real Winner was the Patriot’s team. For, they, are the Super Bowl Champions.