– U.S. House Representative Marsha Blackburn (R-Tennessee) has introduced a net neutrality bill in an attempt to make internet regulations permanent so there is no ping-pong rule changes when new FCC board members are seated due to political power struggles. Blackburn (above photo) is calling the proposed law the Open Internet Preservation Act. The bill lacks many of the fundamental guarantees that prevent internet access providers from interfering with online traffic. The bill reportedly includes prohibitions on blocking or throttling of internet traffic, but would not prevent pay-to-play prioritization schemes. It would also constrain FCC authority to contend with future abuses and prevent states from enacting their own Net Neutrality protections. Free Press Action Fund President and CEO Craig Aaron says, “Blackburn’s legislation fails at the very thing it claims to accomplish. It prohibits a few open-internet violations, but opens the door to rampant abuse through paid-prioritization schemes that split the internet into fast lanes for the richest companies and slow lanes for everyone else.” Aaron claims the Blackburn bill would let a few unregulated monopolies and duopolies stifle competition and control future communications. He says it’s a “bit better than what the FCC did”, but it doesn’t go far enough. – McStreamy NewsBriefs

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