McStreamy.com (11/21/2017) – David Cassidy (photo-center), the person many young girls fell in love with as a heart throb on The Partridge Family television show in the 1970s, has passed on to the rock and roll and pop stage in the sky. Cassidy, 67, died “surrounded by those he loved” after a brief stay at a Fort Lauderdale, Florida hospital. He had been checked into the hospital a few days before with organ failure. Cassidy’s career took off big time after he was cast as Keith Partridge (photo-insert) in The Partridge Family in 1970. His real step mother, Shirley Jones, played his mother on The Partridge Family and his television siblings were portrayed by a number of talented young people, some of which  continued on in show business following the end of the Partridge Family original run on TV. Cassidy is remembered for major hits, “I Think I Love You”, “Cherish”, “How Can I Be Sure”, and many others. The first, “I Think I Love You”, was a number one hit that sold five million copies of the 45 RPM record singles of the day. – McStreamy NewsBriefs

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