senators-mconnell-and-schumer_stalemated-again_900x450 – The United States Senate could not come to a consensus over the vote to continue funding the government by the deadline at midnight, Eastern Time, late last night. Neither the Democrats, nor Republicans could gather at least 60 votes, and, when the clock started going into January 20, 2018, Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (photo-left), asked that the Senate go back into session at midday, Saturday, after a few hours sleep, to resume it’s work on an agreement. This failure to act is being blamed on Democrats by the White House and Senator McConnell. However, Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (photo-right), put the blame on lack of leadership by President Donald J. Trump. Schumer says he had a favorable meeting with Trump Friday about terms of “the deal”, but he claims the President did not follow through by advising Senate Republicans to agree to terms outlined by Schumer in the meeting. On the other hand, the White House is shifting the blame to Schumer, calling the Democrats, “Losers”, labeling the government shutdown, “Schumer’s Shutdown”. Meanwhile, Schumer says it’s “Trump’s Shutdown”. – McStreamy NewsBriefs

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