McSTREAMY.COM (June 8, 2016) – If you have a new cat at your place, you may be trying your best to toilet train that feline, but, you’re wondering, how come there’s not a course, or some kind of product to make the task as simple as possible.  Then this should make it an easy decision. Brite Ideas, LLC is giving away a FREE Bye, Bye Litter, Advance Cat Toilet-Training System to every cat owner in America.

Ernie Hemple invented the Kitty Whiz Transfer System in 1978. It was the very first cat toilet-training system ever. That was 38 years ago. Recently he designed an even more effective cat toilet-training system: The Bye, Bye Litter Advanced Toilet & Flush Toilet-Training System.

Brite Ideas has decided to declare full-out total war on the nasty, smelly, germ-infested litter box and get cat owners to toilet train their cat. Brite Ideas is giving away an absolutely FREE Bye, Bye Litter System to anyone who owns a cat.

Nothing complicated about it, if you own a cat, they are going to give you a FREE single-use Bye, Bye Litter System. In exchange, they are asking users to do the following:

1. Once your cat is toilet trained, update your story and pictures on and

2. Forward this story and this same link: to your friends and families who own a cat.

bye-bye-litter_cat-toilet-trainer-system_800x801Mr. Hemple’s cat, Mr. Meow, was toilet-train & flush trained in under 2-weeks.  The Bye, Bye Litter Cat Toilet-training System is automatic! They say you do not have to be an animal trainer to toilet-train your cat. The toilet-training process is not a trick. No positive affirmations or use of repetitive behavior modification needed. Nothing like that. Just follow the simple instructions.

The Bye, Bye Litter™ Cat Toilet-training System automatically redirects your pet’s behavior by exploiting your cat’s natural elimination instinct. With your totally FREE Bye, Bye Litter Cat Toilet-Training System you will soon be free of germ infested litter forever. No more smelly home, No more having to buy litter, air fresheners, and litter boxes and litter scoops. No more kitty spreading viruses, germs and fecal matter all over your home. Just a clean, toilet trained cat.

Here is how simple it is: 1. Place the tray over the toilet, 2. fill with litter, 3. sprinkle on the attracting herbs and nature does the rest.

Your cat will start using the litter on the toilet immediately. Every few days, remove one of the rings. In just a few days to a few weeks, you will have a completely toilet-trained cat, according to the company.

The Bye, Bye Litter System even comes with a frame-a-ble diploma, for your soon to be graduate. If you want to try it, go to and get your FREE single use Bye, Bye Litter Cat Toilet-training System .

Get ready to throw out that germ infested, smelly litter box. FOREVER! Your pet will become the Star he or she was born to be.

Visit now to get your absolutely free $29.95 Bye, Bye Litter Advanced Toilet-training System. And don’t forget to send your pictures and stories to and get ready to break out the fresh tuna to  celebrate with your soon to be toilet-trained celebrity.

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