McSTREAMY.COM – Season 2 of “The Bold Type” on the FreeForm Channel finds the three female friends in the big city talking seriously about more than just who’s dating whom and which look they’re sporting in their fashionable world. There are some lively lessons about how gender and race affect their multicultural friendships and how those differences and similarities play out in the real world. It’s kind of a modern, today version, of the “Sex In The City” romp that took the minds and sensibilities of the world in the past, only deeper and even more contemporary, including exploring lesbianism. “The Bold Type” co-stars (pic-left to right) Meghann Fahy (Sutton), Aisha Dee (Kat), and Katie Stevens (Jane). To learn more, enter “The Bold Type” in the search at the website. – McStreamy NewsBriefs

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