McSTREAMY.COM – The July 16. 2018 meeting in Helsinki between United States President Donald Trump and Russian leader Vladimir Putin resulted in disappointment to many congressional members and other viewers of a press conference in Helsinki. The photo above shows what appears to be a confident, friendly Trump, talking with an amused Putin. The current United States President looked anything but confident when appearing on the stage next to Putin at a news conference that followed the more than two hour private meeting between the two.

Trump did not admonish Putin for meddling in the 2016 U.S. election following the indictments against 12 known Russian operatives accused of interfering with the election, instead sided with Putin and continued to hold on to Trump’s public belief that Putin did not meddle in the election that put Trump in office. Some immediate responses have indicated some congressional members, and others, are starting to look at President Trump’s words and actions as being close to “treasonous”. To read more about the Helskinki, so-called “summit” meeting of Trump and Putin at Helsinki, see our new Government & Politics Page and see our sister site search results at USWebDaily and news links elsewhere on the pages of

UPDATE: The next day (July 17, 2018), after flying back to the White House in Washington D.C., and reviewing what he had said at the Helsinki press conference, Trump stated, he meant to say there is no reason why he “WOULDN’T” believe it was Russia meddling in the 2016 election, instead of “WOULD”. He inferred the correction should clear up the world-wide controversy over his performance in the live, televised, comments he made during the July 16, Helsinki, joint news conference with Putin. Then, he suggested, it might be others who tried to mess with the election, not Russia, saying there are a lot of other people out there. – McStreamy NewsBriefs

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