McSTREAMY.COM (02/01/2017) – There were thousands upon thousands of disgruntled women, spouses, significant others and supportive friends who took to the streets of Washington D.C. and cities throughout the USA in January, 2017. The occasion was the day after U.S. President Donald J. Trump was sworn in. The women in the event, advertised as the Women’s March, were peacefully showing their dislike for the new president and policies they were afraid he would be implementing, based on the often voiced rhetoric uttered by Trump during his campaign. Connie K. Lim, a young singer-songwriter, who goes by the career name of MILCK, had written and recorded a solo version of her song called “(I Can’t Keep) Quiet”. MILCK and a flashmob chorus performed a live version of the song several times in the streets of the Women’s March. SEE VIDEO. – McStreamy Newsbriefs

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