fifties-jukebox_45rpm-records-introduced-in-march-1949_45rpm-player-insert_900x450 – 45 RPM Vinyl Records were introduced in March-April, 1949, changing the face of the music industry. Consumers bought 45 rpm record players (pic-insert), and the jukebox industry converted old 78 rpm machines to play 45s. It wasn’t long before jukebox manufacturers constructed equipment that was made exclusively for the newer format. The record industry’s decision to switch to 45 rpm singles helped the mostly younger record buyers enjoy the rock and roll music that increasingly captured teenagers of the 50s and beyond. The smaller, more resilient records with the big hole in the center, definitely had a big influence on the popularity of the music that would soon take over existing radio stations of the day. To celebrate the big part 45 rpm records contributed to the growth of popular music, Internet Radio is adding 50s tunes more often in their Classic Hits Mix of Classic Rock and Pop Oldies all during the entire month of March. The GreatGold stream can be heard in the player on their website, at the above link, or, search for ‘greatgold’ at or in the Radionomy app.  See the GreatGold website for more about how to get the app for Android, iOS and Windows phones. – McStreamy NewsBriefs

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